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A0612 Waterjet - 2' x 4' Cutting Envelope

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Incredibly Powerful. Unbelievably Compact

Don't let the size fool you, the A-0612 makes quick work of the toughest, industrial-sized jobs.

By not giving up on the core principals of waterjet cutting, the A-Series simply delivers.

The A-Series has a 2ft x 4ft cutting envelope with the ability to cut materials up to 7” thick. The cutting head is capable of 4” of Z-travel to accommodate thick work pieces and precisely adjust nozzle standoff distance. While most small-scale waterjets operate at pressures from 30,000 - 45,000 psi, the A-0612 is powered by a 60,000 psi pump that enables it to cut through any material in the same amount of time as a large-scale waterjet. Operating at this higher pressure also reduces the amount of abrasive needed to cut when compared to lower pressure systems.

The A-0612 features an industrial-grade rack and pinion drive system that prevents slippage and stretching. As a result, the A-Series cuts very accurate parts. A unique shielded side beam reduces drive system exposure and increases component longevity, adding to the already-robust nature of the A-Series waterjet.

The approximate footprint of the machine is 7ft x 4ft, making for easy transportation and installation. The waterjet is portable and can be moved by one person with a pallet jack or forklift. The construction of the A-Series allows it to be positioned against a wall while still being able to access the necessary components of the machine, and ergonomic features such as the built-in toe kick and standardized table height ensure that all areas of the waterjet are within reach of the operator.

A variety of additional upgrades are available for the A-0612, such as a water level control system that enables the user to cut underwater, significantly reducing noise level while cutting. A 6’8” enclosure can be installed over the cutting table, further reducing noise levels and eliminating splashback from the cutting head. These add-ons help to create a quiet, clean, and safe work environment.

The A-0612 was designed for consumers who want the capabilities of a full-size waterjet without taking up valuable floor space,” explains Wayne Silasi, marketing manager at WARDJet. “We wanted to give our customers a condensed version of our tried-and-true waterjets without compromising the quality or performance associated with the WARDJet name. The A-Series accomplishes this goal while catering to a market that was previously unserved.

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A1212 Waterjet - 4' x 4' Cutting Envelope

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Incredibly Powerful. Unbelievably Compact

The A-Series is WARDJet’s most compact waterjet cutting system.

With a small footprint, the A-Series is ideal for businesses with a limited floor space.

While small in size, this industrial machine is capable of cutting through virtually any material imaginable. Quick, compact, and robust, the A-Series is a versatile cutting solution that fits into your workflow.


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