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About Us

Derek about us
Derek Loebsack
President and Founder
Waterjet Canada Ltd.
At Waterjet Canada Ltd., we specialize in water-only and abrasive waterjet cutting.  The jet’s ability to cut almost all materials and any thickness make it suitable for all shape cutting applications.  Its most significant attribute as an accurate cold cutting process which allows it to cut metals without leaving a heat affected zone

There are many applications where waterjet is the superior cutting method.  Although waterjet should be considered for all applications, it will not replace conventional cutting methods such as stamping, laser, plasma or flame cutting.

Abrasive waterjet cutting uses a stream of high pressure water and sand to cut by erosion.  Water at 40,000 to 90,000 psi passes through a tiny hole in an orifice made from diamond, ruby, or sapphire, and this stream passes through a carbide mixing tube causing the venturi  effect that sucks in the abrasive, usually garnet sand.

There are endless combinations of orifice as well as mixing tube sizes and abrasive flow rates that can affect cutting quality and speed.

Cut Quality and Price

Please note that waterjet cutting is unique in that prices are based on cutting speed.  Cutting speed can vary as much as 5 times with an associated change in tolerance, edge quality, taper and finish.  It is our goal to supply the right part at the right price.

There are different pump pressures and orifice/nozzle combination.  The newer higher pressure technologies cut at a much faster rate, but cost more per hour to operate.